Sunday, 8 April 2012

Scrap Patch Bag

I made a bag... I should have been packing for my hols, but I did this instead.

Here it is in our holiday house - I did get packed eventually...

The outside is upholstery samples from the Scrap Store. I liked the rough edges...

So, after I cut the patches to size I rewashed and tumble dried them.

I sewed them wrong sides together to keep the fray. I used the final size of the patchwork bit to size the rest of the bag. The top blue fabric is from my stash and the leather handles are made from leather sample squares I picked up for 25p from a charity shop.

The lining is made from an old shirt of S's. I used the cuff for a phone holder. It also has pen loops!

And an interior zip pocket.

Materials Used:
Scraps from ScrapStore: Approx 30p
Top: from stash
Lining: free (S was going to throw it away)
Handles: 25p
Interfacing: Approx £1
Zip: from stash
Total Cost: £1.55

Pattern: improvised

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