Friday, 6 April 2012

Odhams P570 Childs Dress, Hat and Coat

It's finished!

Materials Used:
Large piece of blue linen-ish fabric, from a jumble sale. Approx 50p
Country Living teatowel, for contrast. Free, came with a hamper I got as a Christmas present.
Thread. Coats Duet. John Lewis. £1.20
Buttons. Red shell flowers. 3@55p each.
The first part of this went relatively easily, managed to get fronts and backs together OK, and sleeves in. I serged all my edges before sewing on the linen as it frayed super-easily. Assembling the fronts was really enjoyable, even though I felt like I was changing bobbins over every 5 mins for the contrast stitching.
The interfacing and the collar completely stumped me. Being a vintage pattern, the instructions implied a level of knowledge I clearly didn't have. I spent the first evening pinning and repinning and head scratching as I tried to figure out the puzzle.

I have no idea how I got to this point. Somewhere in the repinning it just came together, so I sewed!
I'm really pleased with it. V is (a small) 1 and a half and the pattern was sized for 2years, so she's got room to grow into it this during Summer/Autumn.
I had a red teatowel I wanted to use as contrast, so I top stitched the bodice pieces in red.
I added a back half lining from the same blue fabric, as I wanted to put a label in. I edged this piece with homemade "bias" (it was straight) tape from the teatowel.
I did make a pocket for the front, lined with the teatowel and top stitched in red, but it didn't look right so I ditched it.
I didn't understand the pattern and thought the facing (cut from the teatowel) would be on show. It wasn't, it was meant to be hidden under the front. I rolled the edge slightly and topstitched it so it looked a little like piping.
I used the contrast under the collar too.

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