Tuesday, 24 April 2012

KCWC Day 2 - Cutting Out

This is as far as I got this evening....

My children decided neither of them wanted to go to bed, and we're up and downstairs like small, cheeky yoyos. I'm surprised I got this done!

The fabric has a repeating flower design, and really I should have given much more thought to matching sides and flower placement on pieces. However, I'd bought the entire remaining length of this roll, and I'm not sure there was enough here to be that creative in my cutting.

Here's what I had left:

Just scraps. Hopefully it'll look ok when sewn up.....

Monday, 23 April 2012

KCWC Spring 2012 - Day 1

I've been mulling over what to do this week. E asked for a summer coat (because V has one!) and I was planning on doing that. I was going to use the leftover fabric from V's coat and was debating whether to use another vintage coat pattern I had in my stash, or really challenge myself and attempt to draft her a coat from scratch...

Then at the last minute - actually on day 1 of the challenge - I changed all that and went out and bought new fabric and a pattern.

Actually, I bought quite a bit of fabric! Well, in for a penny....
The beige linen on the bottom is what I have planned for the coat, possibly with the red spots for a lining (the pattern doesn't include a lining - I'd have to wing it, that would be my challenge for the week).
The three folded pieces above that are potential skirts, E has a definite hole in her wardrobe which needs to filled by summer skirts. Let's see if I get time..
(The screwed up stuff on the right is "remnants". Who doesn't need more remnants, right?)

The pattern is McCalls M5743. A little uninspiring in fleece on the picture, but could be lovely in a linen for summer. I'm making view D: long, ruffle sleeves, with a collar.
I've traced the pattern, and cut it out, and that I think will do for tonight...

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Scrap Patch Bag

I made a bag... I should have been packing for my hols, but I did this instead.

Here it is in our holiday house - I did get packed eventually...

The outside is upholstery samples from the Scrap Store. I liked the rough edges...

So, after I cut the patches to size I rewashed and tumble dried them.

I sewed them wrong sides together to keep the fray. I used the final size of the patchwork bit to size the rest of the bag. The top blue fabric is from my stash and the leather handles are made from leather sample squares I picked up for 25p from a charity shop.

The lining is made from an old shirt of S's. I used the cuff for a phone holder. It also has pen loops!

And an interior zip pocket.

Materials Used:
Scraps from ScrapStore: Approx 30p
Top: from stash
Lining: free (S was going to throw it away)
Handles: 25p
Interfacing: Approx £1
Zip: from stash
Total Cost: £1.55

Pattern: improvised

Friday, 6 April 2012

Odhams P570 Childs Dress, Hat and Coat

It's finished!

Materials Used:
Large piece of blue linen-ish fabric, from a jumble sale. Approx 50p
Country Living teatowel, for contrast. Free, came with a hamper I got as a Christmas present.
Thread. Coats Duet. John Lewis. £1.20
Buttons. Red shell flowers. 3@55p each.
The first part of this went relatively easily, managed to get fronts and backs together OK, and sleeves in. I serged all my edges before sewing on the linen as it frayed super-easily. Assembling the fronts was really enjoyable, even though I felt like I was changing bobbins over every 5 mins for the contrast stitching.
The interfacing and the collar completely stumped me. Being a vintage pattern, the instructions implied a level of knowledge I clearly didn't have. I spent the first evening pinning and repinning and head scratching as I tried to figure out the puzzle.

I have no idea how I got to this point. Somewhere in the repinning it just came together, so I sewed!
I'm really pleased with it. V is (a small) 1 and a half and the pattern was sized for 2years, so she's got room to grow into it this during Summer/Autumn.
I had a red teatowel I wanted to use as contrast, so I top stitched the bodice pieces in red.
I added a back half lining from the same blue fabric, as I wanted to put a label in. I edged this piece with homemade "bias" (it was straight) tape from the teatowel.
I did make a pocket for the front, lined with the teatowel and top stitched in red, but it didn't look right so I ditched it.
I didn't understand the pattern and thought the facing (cut from the teatowel) would be on show. It wasn't, it was meant to be hidden under the front. I rolled the edge slightly and topstitched it so it looked a little like piping.
I used the contrast under the collar too.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Vintage Childs Coat pt1

I made it this far relatively easily yesterday. Then I stalled...
Buttonholes! Facings! Collars!

This is going to need a cup of tea and some thinking time....

Friday, 30 March 2012

Sewing Kids Clothes

With all the plans for sewing clothes for the girls swirling around my head, I've signed up for Elsie Marley's kids clothes week. I'll be away on the weekend for my nieces birthday but I'll make it work somehow. Hopefully there'll be buttons to handsew by then...

Sign ups are at Elsie Marley here

I'm still intending to do some sewing before then. V needs a summer coat and I thought I'd try to make one. With this unexpectedly summery weather I've washed all my fabric and line dried it...

And I'm ready to cut out. Straight from a simple shift dress to a vintage, no marking on the pattern, child's coat? I'm jumping in feet first....

Monday, 26 March 2012

It's about time I started this up again...

Here's a recent make.
Denim dress with button placket. I got the pattern from drawing round the pieces of a Clothkits shift dress, size 6, before I made it up.

The fabric was half price at Boyes because it had a fault line. I didn't use this piece for the dress, so no worries there! I have now hemmed the dress, since this photo was taken.

Here's the back. I used a vintage souvenir scarf from Australia for the lining and appliqu├ęs. I basically just bondawebbed them on and scribbled over the top with my machine needle.

And here's the lining. Can you see the koala peeking out.

Notes for next time.
Although this dress is a size 6 and E IS 6, there's very little room for growth here. I'd drop the armholes a little as they seemed a bit tight, and also lengthen it a bit in the bottom.