Saturday, 9 October 2010

KCWC Round Up, and what came after

OK, so KCWC is gone.
I DID actually finish the two things I planned to during the week, but blogging about it too proved a step too far. So, here's what happened

V's Hat.
Is done. Definitely not my finest work: I need to practice sewing jersey, and it's too big, but it still looks cute. I'll take a photo when I can

Insa Skirt
Insa Skirt
Here it is without the elastic waistband sewn yet, I needed to check it against her waist.

I'm pretty pleased with this. It was really good fun to experiment with patterns and add whatever I wanted. I made some piping from string and ribbon to edge the front panel:
Insa Skirt detail

It was quite a bit of work, and you know what? E's not interested in it AT ALL. Sigh. That's how it goes sometimes I suppose.

In all, KCWC was a success for me. It made me find some time to sew, and when I did, I found it wasn't all that intimidating and I could actually get something finished.

And so, since then, I've made something else:
Ikea Skirt
This is from Sew What: Skirts by Francesca DenHartog. It's the A-Line Skirt, Fitted Waistband version that you create the block/pattern for yourself.

And I'm pretty pleased with it. It fits! for one, and it's nicely Autumnal, and it was pretty easy to do if you took it step by step.

I used Ikea fabric (total cost £3.99) for the outside, and the fabric for the facing was from my stash of scraps, so also pretty cheap.
Ikea skirt facing

Now, what's next....