Friday, 17 September 2010

Early Start

I wanted to get a bit of a jump on KCWC, and I wanted to finally use the new serger I bought as a present for myself just before I had V.
I planned to use the 90 Minute Shirt tutorial from MADE. (find it here). I cut out my pieces last night, using an old shirt of mine and an old shirt of E's which I rescued from the charity shop pile.
90 Minute Shirt - start
Today is my birthday. To celebrate, V slept for a whole 24 minutes when she got in and let me make a start on this
Longer than 90 Minute Shirt

And throughout the day, though it took longer than 90 Minutes, I got it done.
It's not great, but it gave me good serger practice, and the tutorial was great. I'd definitely try making this again. I think it needs a bit more in the length next time though. And I think I'll make the neckband thinner.

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  1. It turned out really cute! I see what you mean about the thinner neckband but I think it still looks great. I hope you'll link up on Thursday for Make It Wear It at so others can see what you've been making!