Saturday, 8 June 2013

Adventures in spray painting

I've recently armed myself with several cans of spray enamel paint, and I am loving it. Loving it I tell you!
Not much is escaping the spray fest: old metal boxes, the heating vents in our house, the letterbox.

This ring:

...which I spray painted, set with a piece of an old star map... And the promptly lost...

My favourite revamp though is this...

A cheap, battery operated carriage clock from a car boot sale. I took everything apart, and coated it liberally in satin black. The face got covered with more of the star map (there's still some left, and I love it, so I anticipate this will not be the last star-related craft..), and the hands were spray painted with chrome. this!
It makes the tiniest click each time the weights change direction.

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