Monday, 26 March 2012

It's about time I started this up again...

Here's a recent make.
Denim dress with button placket. I got the pattern from drawing round the pieces of a Clothkits shift dress, size 6, before I made it up.

The fabric was half price at Boyes because it had a fault line. I didn't use this piece for the dress, so no worries there! I have now hemmed the dress, since this photo was taken.

Here's the back. I used a vintage souvenir scarf from Australia for the lining and appliqu├ęs. I basically just bondawebbed them on and scribbled over the top with my machine needle.

And here's the lining. Can you see the koala peeking out.

Notes for next time.
Although this dress is a size 6 and E IS 6, there's very little room for growth here. I'd drop the armholes a little as they seemed a bit tight, and also lengthen it a bit in the bottom.

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